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The Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford lineup of Genesis had to put tour plans on hold twice because of the pandemic, but have now rescheduled The Last Domino Tour to begin in September with consecutive nights in Dublin. Guitarist Steve Hackett and former front man Peter Gabriel will not participate. Hackett, who has continued to mount very successful tours of his own backing band doing Genesis material, recently opened up a bit about why he parted ways with the band, but also seemed to leave open the future possibility or doing things with his former band mates. Talking on the Vintage Rock Podcast, Hackett attributed his departure to feeling as though Banks and Rutherford were reluctant to give him an equal role in making decisions about the material the band would play, saying, I didn't want to remain employed in a band that I think I was supposed to be a full-blown member in, only to come up against the brick walls at times." He added, I love so much the work that we did together. I think that was a fabulous band, an incredible collection of brain children." As for doing future things with Genesis, he said, "...I doubt that I will be involved with any of that, even though I will be up for it".

Steve's new solo album, Under A Mediterranean Sky, was released last week.