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Phil Spector, the fabled but tormented producer credited with developing the 'wall of sound', reportedly died yesterday at 81. TMZ reports the 81 year old Spector, who was serving a 19 years - to life- sentence the murder of an actress on his estate in February of 2003, reportedly had been transferred from prison to a hospital after contracting Covid-19, but had been returned to the prison before being rushed back to the hospital yesterday, where he died.


In addition to being a producer, Spector worked in artist development, formed two record labels and exerted good deal of influence and, some said, an overbearing amount of control over many artists he worked with. At the height of his career, several Spector produced artists achieved major Top-40 success, including the Crystals,the Ronettes, the Righteous Brothers, Vikki Carr, and Darlene Love.


His most notable work involving classic rock was done with John Lennon (Instant Karma) George Harrison (All Things Must Pass) and on the Beatles Let It Be album. He also produced the Ramones End of the Century album in 1979. During one session, he allegedly pulled a gun on Dee Dee Ramone when he tried to leave early.