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An elder statesman of Southern Rock has died. Charlie Daniels, the venerable leader of the CDB, died of a hemorrhagic stroke today at 83. A road warrior for decades, Daniels and his band worked its way from from roadhouses to arenas and stadiums and became an unlikely but significant player on three Bob Dylan albums. Called on to contribute a guitar part on one song during a Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline album session in Nashville, Daniels was packing up and moving out when Dylan interrupted his departure by announcing "I don't want another guitar player. I want him."

The surging popularity of Southern Rock in the 1970's propelled Daniels and his band to great heights. amassing multiple awards and selling close to 15 million albums. Success never went to that head under the giant hat, he never lost his appreciation for his fans and did a lot of good through the funds raised during his Volunteer Jam benefit concerts.

RIP Charlie D.