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The first full-scale concert the Allman Brothers Band did after the death of Duane Allman and a May, 1973 concert recording from a Nassau Coliseum show get released on Feb. 12.  The Feb. 11, 1972 recording from the City Auditorium in the group's home base of Macon took place less than four months after the guitarist's death in a motorcycle crash in the Georgia city and a couple of months ahead of the release of the Eat A Peach double album.  By the time the Long Island concert was staged, the band had lost bassist Berry Oakley to a similar bike tragedy, added Lamar Williams to replace him and recruited Chuck Leavell as a second keyboard player.
Four of the tracks from this recording have not been featured on previous archive releases ( Jessica, Come & Go Blues, Wasted Words and Ramblin' Man). None of the tracks on the 1972 recording have received prior official release.