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After years off the road, Bob Seger will spend a fair amount of time touring for the second year in a row.  The Seger & Silver Bullet Band North American 2013 trek opens Feb. 27 in Toledo, OH and runs through an April 2 date in Denver. It includes stops in Grand Rapids (3/5), Green Bay (3/7), Winnepeg (3/12), Calgary (3/19), Edmonton (3/21), Saskatoon (3/23), Vancouver (3/27), Seattle (3/29) and Portland (3/30).  Gaps in the early dates in places close to Detroit could be to allow Bob and the Band to operate out of home instead of needing to stay on the road - or to allow for additional nights to be added at venues that sell out.
We are still awaiting info on when the album Seger has been working on for well over a year will see the light of day.