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The multiple failures to secure a location and many other missteps along the way have made it look as though it was a longshot that Woodstock 50, the 3 day anniversary event Michael Lang put together, would take place at all. Early on, Lang lost his financing and then tried to sue to get reimbursed on some of the money fronted by the backer and failed. He then found another backer but lost his venue when Watkins Glen officials lost confidence in the plans Lang submitted. He then attempted to relocate the event to Vernon Downs, a harness racetrack between Utica and Syracuse, a move that would have reduced it's attendance potential from close to 100,000 to less than 65,000. Officials in that town rejected three applications over security, traffic, and health concerns. Yesterday, just a few weeks from the event's August 16 opening day, Woodstock 50 apparently found a site willing to host it. Merryweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland has reportedly signed on to host it. If it takes place there, capacity will get cut by another 50%. The amphitheater seats around 20,000, but could accommodate an additional 10,000. Tickets will apparently be priced at $129 and $595. Whether the announced lineup of Acts remains intact remains to be seen. Evidently, the acts were under contract to the firm that originally financed the event and the terms specified Watkins Glen as the location. If that's the case, some could be able to leagally opt out of appearing and keep the money advanced them.