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David Gilmour's decision to part with most of his guitars proved to be a windfall for a group working to solve climate change issues.  

The 1969 Black Fender Strat David Gilmour played on many of Pink Floyd's most revered songs was auctioned to the tune of $3.95 million during the Thursday (6/20) auction. The case for that guitar alone sold for more than $100,000 to the buyer of the Fender, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, a major collector who owns a considerable amount of Beatles equipment.  The Martin D35 acoustic guitar David played  on the recordings of Wish You Were Here ann Shine on You Crazy Diamond fetched almost $1.1 million and the Martin D12 he came up with the opening for Wish You Were Here was bought for $531,000.  Gilmour's White Fender Strat used on Another Brick in the Wall brought  a top bid of $1.8 million.  All told, more than $21 million was raised in the Christie's event.