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John Fogert
y's life as an artist has more than enough unusual ingredients to make a book by him a likely good read.  His brief but prolific run with Creedence Clearwater Revival produced an amazing number of great songs - including ones seldom heard on the radio. He had frequent battles with his brother and other CCR members,  and was willing to stop performing a lot of his best material because of deeply dividing differences with his former record company - a conflict that went on for eons and eventually reached the Supreme Court.  That battle sidelined his career and, worse still, left Fogerty unable to write songs.  The book from 'The kid from El Cerito' (California) that '...wanted to be the best musician in the world' will get into the highs and lows of his musical and life journey and how he returned to writing and performing.  The yet to be titled memoir is expected to be published in 2014 by Little Brown.  Fogerty will narrate the audio book version.