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The Rock Hall of Fame's annual disregard for two highly influential bands finally came to an end with the announcement that Deep Purple and Rush will be on the ballot that goes out to 600 music industry voters for the 2012 inductees.  Deep Purple has been eligible for 20 years, the Canadian power trio for 15.  Rush issued a statement thanking the Hall and saying band members are '...especially thrilled for the many, many dedicated fans to whom this nomination is so very important.'  Guitarist Alex Lifeson reacted to the Hall's long term indifference to his band in 2010 by quipping, '...they don't want us in there and we really don't want to be there.'  Deep Purple veteran recently slammed the Hall for ignoring his former band, saying, 'We know the people in charge and we know how they think. It's become a joke in a way.'
The two groups are joined on the ballot by Heart, Procol Harum, Joan Jett & the Balckhearts, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, the Meters, Kraftwerk, Randy Newman, the Marvelettes, Donna Summer, Public Enemy, NWA and Chic.