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Sammy Hagar gets the VIP treatment almost anywhere he goes, but the Red Rocker is especially appreciated in the town of Roseville, California.  Roseville celebrated the opening of one of Hagar's new restaurants on Saturday (9/15) by proclaiming it Sammy Hagar Day in the town.  The former Montrose, Van Halen and current Chickenfoot Rocker returned the favor by doing a sold-out concert that raised more than $40,000 for local charities and has teamed with a middle school in the community to let them do fundraising by selling guitars students make in wood shop through  Sammy Hagar's Rockin' Island Bar and Grill.  The eatery and bar will have its Grand Opening 9/22.
Hagar says he loves Roseville because it has retained the character so many towns and cities have lost by replacing old buildings with new condos and office buildings that make places increasingly 'generic' and 'soulless'.