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A very special night in Omemee, Ontario

Neil Young made this year's first of December one that folks in his childhood hometown of Omemee, Ontario will remeber and pass along for generations.  It was the night Young returned to the village of around 1200 and web cast a concert world wide from a small historic venue brimming with friends and family members.  Young worked his way through a number of instruments and songs from multiple eras of his long career at a casual pace during the 90 minute set.  As special as the event was for all lucky enough to get an invite or be able to take it in sitting on hay bales arranged in front of vintage TV sets spread out in a viewing area outside the venue, it was even more special for Barry Killen.  Killen hadn't expected to be able to go and would not have had he not happened to find someone's cell phone and do the right thing by contacting the owner, one Randy Bachman.  The Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive member thanked him by taking him to Young's concert with him.