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Although nothing addressing his condition appeared on his web site as of this writing, reports were circulating that CBS news had apparently confirmed that Tom Petty died Sunday night after being rushed to UCLA Medical center in Santa Monica.  TMZ had reported that the 66 year-old Petty had been found in full cardiac arrest and was transported to the hospital where tests indicated that his brain showed no activity and the decision was made not to continue life support measures.  Official confirmation that Petty had died has not come as of 5pm Eastern time Monday, but he may be clinging to life under a do-not-resussitate protocol.
This hearbreaking news for Heartbreaker fans comes as Tom and the band were coming off triumphant and critically acclaimed concerts at the Hollywood Bowl just days ago.  While many of his contemporaries settled for doing 'victory lap' tribute concerts that paled in comparrison with shows they did in their prime, Petty continued to pour everything into his shows, often surprising fans with archive tracks and outstanding covers of unexpected titles written by others. 
He was as big a fan as he was an artist.