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A one-off debut of a hologram of the late Ronnie James Dio 'performing' his songs during a 2016 festival in Germany went over well enough that a full tour has been put together.  Dio Returns is being staged in Europe in the fall of 2017 and will migrate to the US in the spring of 2018.  The backing band, Dio's Disciples, will do the full sets, with the Eyellusion created Dio hologram 'on stage' during several songs, including Rainbow In The Dark, Neon Nights, Man On The Silver Mountain and Holy Diver. The hi-tech reincarnation tour has the blessing of Wendy Dio, the late singer's widow, who says, 'Working with Eyellusion over the past year and a half to turn our dream of this tour into a reality has been absolutely incredible', adding, '...we like to think of Ronnie smiling down as we continue to find ways to share his music with all generations of fans.'