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The new group Heart veteran Nancy Wilson has formed with a couple of Prince band veterans will launch a US tour on September 10 and release its debut album, First Things First,  on September 22. Roadcase Royale's tour opens at the Gramercy Theatre in New York and include a handful of headline dates between dates it is opening for Bob Seger on his Runaway Train tour.  Nancy's band lineup includes Prince veterans Ryan Waters (guitar) and vocalist Liv Warfield.  Also on board are Chris Joyner (keyboards) and Ben Smith (drums).  If she misses the prospect of touring with her sister Ann, there is little hint of it.  In a statement to publicize the tour and release Nancy wrote, "Roadcase Royale is the band I've always wanted to be in.  We all write and create songs as a unti.  It's an inspired democracy. Liv and Ryan both bring a whole new level of magic to our new sound."