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Accolades for Allman

The passing of Gregg Allman has been followed by an outpouring of appreciation for him and his role in Rock.  Band mate Warren Haynes observed 'I think he's one of the greatest artists of all time and simultaneously a founding members, singer, songwriter of one of the greatest bands of all time... There are very few singers, very few artists that made that kind of an impact'.

Chuck Leavell, keyboard player for the Allmans and the Rolling Stones, wrote, "Thank you Gregg... for your inspiration, for your talent, for your loyal friendship and for the amazing human being you are. I am forever grateful for my relatonship with you, for sharing the stgae so many times, for the honor of recording with you on some records that have stood the test of time.  You will always be my hero and I am your bigggest fan.  Rest easy, my brother."
Lynyrd Skynyrd's Rickey Medlocke said 'It's a terrible loss to me, to music.  That guy, if you turned on the radio and a song came on he was singing, you knew exactly who he was, he was one of those guys that had an unmistakable voice.' He added that news of Allman's death, '...hit Gary (Rossington) hard as well'.

Charlie Daniels wrote "Gregg Allman had a feeling for the blues very few ever had. Hard to believe that magnificent voice is stilled forever."

Marshall Tucker Band lead singer Doug Gray called Gregg '...a guy that showed me more respect in our business than anyone else.  He also taught me how to please an audience with your voice and pour your heart out and never regret. Ride in Peace, my friend!"
Peter Frampton's Twitter account conveyed his sense of loss with, "So sad to hear Gregg Allman passed away. I admire him so much & had the honour of jamming with him recently. A gentle soul with so much soul."
Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top wrote, "The sudden passing of Gregg Allman leaves us at a loss, yet, at the same time, we stand alongside the millions of thankful that Gregg was in our lives.  Gregg was, of course, a brilliant and intuitive player with a depth of soul reflected in his works in a truly moving manner."

Gibbons joined Allman on one of his final live performances.