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Phil Lesh has plenty of great material to draw on when he's touring with Furthur and Phil Lesh & Friends and gets enough of a charge out of creating new arrangements of Grateful Dead songs and other tunes his bands cover in concert to feel any need to record anything new.  Telling Billboard that going into a studio to record newly written material is '...not anything I'm interested in doing', the bass player added, 'Nobody makes money on recordings anymore... and the longer I'm in music the less time I like the idea of freezing music in amber so that it's the same every time you play it back' - a philosophy reflected on stage nightly in any band Lesh has toured as a member with during his long career.  In addition to spending a significant portion of most years on the road, the bass player now operates and regularly performs at Terrapin Crossing, a live music venue near his home north of San Francisco.