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Greg Rolie talks about working with Journey again

Before Steve Perry fronted Journey, Greg Rolie handled lead vocals.  Although he did not perform with the group when it got inducted into the Rock hall Of Fame, Rolie, who is also in the Hall as a member of Santana, says he and Neal Schon remain on good terms and suggested the opportunity for him to work with the band could develop.  Speaking with, Rolie expressed disappointment that it did not happen during the Hall induction performance. 'I'm not in the band. Neal wanted me to do that, and I wanted to to do it, and I think it would have been tremendous for the fans, but there was a couple of guys that voted no.'  His closing comment on the prospects of working together with Schon was, 'I love playing with him. I always have. I've known him since I was 15. I got him into Santana, for God sakes.  So hea and I have crossed paths many times, and we're older and kinder to each other, so we'll see what happens.'