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The decision by other members of Queensryche to oust Geoff Tate in order to '...move forward in a positive direction' hit an almost immediate snag when the lead singer announced he would file a claim to protect his rights to the creative input he had as a member of the recently reformed Seattle band.  Speaking with Rolling Stone, Tate said the claim has been filed and predicted things would '...probably get ugly'.  Tate traces the origins of his differences of opinion with other members to a winter decision to shift band merchandising to an outside company.  Things escalated, according to Tate, after the group fired members of his family that were serving as the bands manager, office assistant and guitar tech.  A confrontation between Tate and other group members backstage before a Sao Palo, Brazil concert over the dismissals, led to one member saying 'We just fired your whole family, and you're next' and a scuffle followed according to Tate when asked about reports he had pulled a knife on guitarist Michael Wilton