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Amazon's acquisition of Long Strange Trip, Martin Scorcese's nearly 4 hour doc about the legendary band, led to a small gig featuring 3 members of the band in a Park City, Utah bar as the Sundance Film Festival was winding down on Sunday night (1-22).  Bob Weir and percussionists Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart did a set at The Spur for an invitation only crowd of under 150 that included Kevin Bacon, Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern.  They launched the set with Easy To Slip, the Little Feat song Weir led with at another exclusive event he played with veterans of Guns N' Roses, the Doobie Brothers and others Friday night at a music industry event in Anaheim (story).  John Popper then joined them on West L.A.Fadeaway.  Loose Lucy followed. Harrelson then jumped in to sing lead on Heartbreak Hotel and join in on the set closer, Not Fade Away.