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The Who have announced ambitious plans for a 5 disc box set revolving around material compiled during the time the group was recording its 1965 debut album My Generation.  The 79 track compilation of demos, alternate takes, remastered album tracks and unreleased songs drops November 18th.  Three unreleased songs are included that Pete Townshend discovered recently and says the other group members have never heard - My Own Love, As Children We Grew and The Girls I Could Have Had.  The release includes a book covering the period and describing the process of putting the project together.  Townshend writes, "Gathering thee demos for this collection has been enjoyable; it's wonderful for me to have these tapes made 52 years ago to listen to.  They have a naiveté and innocence, a simplicity and directness, and an ingenuousness that reveals me as a young man struggling to keep up with the more mature and developed men around me."