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Metallica will put itself into rare company with the group's November 18 release Hardwired... To Self Destruct.  The double album contains just a dozen tracks, but the overall run time was too long to get them on a single disc, so To Self-Destruct is coming out as a double.  Not many double albums with so few songs have come out.  Derek & The Dominos sole studio album sported just 14 songs.  Cream's Wheels Of Fire had 11 actual songs, but listed 3 untitled tracks that didn't actually exist. The Allman Brothers Band's Eat A Peach had just 9 (10 if you counted part II of Mountain Jam, the epic song that spanned a full side on each disc as a seperate title).  James Hetfield says the decision to double-up was easy because it only eneded up costing about a dime mor for the group to produce it as a double.  A deluxe 3 disc version of the band's first new studio album in 8 years will also be available.