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David Lee Roth contends that someone is stalking him by phone, and he equates the harassing calls to domestic terrorism. Hello?! The former and once again Van Halen front man says he's gotten around 75 calls in the last month from 917 and 301 area code numbers, most coming in the early morning.  Roth claims private detectives and the FBI and a former agent with the agency have been unable to put an end to the calls, which also don't show up on his phone bill, leading Roth to believe the caller is someone with tech skills. His frustration over the problem has him reaching out to fans for a tip on who's behind them or ideas on a way to put a stop to them. Writing in his blog, the singer conveyed this to fans: '...I certainly invite anyone who speaks tech to weigh in here because it's pretty rare that just one person does this much obsessive conduct and nobody else knows about it.'