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Airbnb has arranged for Abbey Roads Studio to be converted into an overnight accommodations site for just one night and is giving away the opportunity to be the guest of honor in one of the most hallowed sites in musical history.  On October 15th Studio 3 will be transformed into a bedroom the lucky winner and their guest will spend the evening in following champagne and dinner.  They will sleep surrounded by instruments that figured in some of the studio's most monumental recordings, which include the 1969 Beatles release that shares its name and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.  The winner and guest will be flown to London and will also receive complimentary nights at a nearby Airbnb for the evenings before and/or following their night in the studio.
All that's asked as an entry is a little information about yourself and which song recorded in the studio you would most have wanted to be there to witness the recording of.  The deadline for entering is 11:59 BST on October 6th. Do it at


   Photo: Airbnb