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Yes fans have railed against the failure of the Rock Hall Of Fame to give Prog Rock due consideration generally, and it's failure to induct Yes, in particular. The group has been eligible for two decades and has made it onto the ballot twice, but failed to secure an induction slot both times.  Despite that, and aside form the fact the band also replaced him with a sound-alike vocalist, Jon Anderson remains optimistic that Yes entering the Hall is almot inevitible and he seems to be confident that he'll be sharing the honor with his former band mates when it happens.  Speaking with Prog Magazine, Anderson said of himself and previously departed members of the various incarnations of Yes all being included, 'There could be 20 of us. It'll be fun. There won't be much room, but it will be fun.'  
Induction to the Hall was anything but fun for past members of Deep Purple that got left out when that band got it's long overdue induction last year (story), and won't be for Randy Meisner, Don Felder and Bernie Leadon when the Kennedy Center honors te Eagles in December without them (story), but it is hard to imagine that Anderson would get left on the sidelines of a Yes indusction.