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Calling a new band a supergroup just about guarantees it will not be around long.  Blind Faith, the band the tag seems to have been coined for, was over and done after one studio album and tour.  A recent outfit some touted as supergroup worthy (a stretch in our opinion) could be finished before their debut album and tour.  The group, comprised of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath veteran Glenn Hughes, Derek Sherinian from Dream Theater on keys, drummer Jason Bonham and guitar whiz Joe Bonamassa, is on the verge of falling apart, according to producer Kevin Shirley, who blames management for the discord, according to his Facebook page. If the band really comes apart before doing a tour, fans that took in a St. Patrick's Day Joe Bonamassa concert can lay claim to having seen the only public performance by the band - a two song surprise encore that ended the concert in Riverside, CA. (story)