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Near the end of the marathon River tour concert performance in Palace of Auburn Hills Thursday (4/14), guitarist Steve Van Zandt recruited Bob Seger from his position in row one alongside the stage to join the band and help it finish the song. Supplied with a tambourine by Little Steven, Bob helped bring down the house with the Boss on that and then stayed on stage for the rave-up finale of the Isley Brother's Shout.  The appearance of Bob with Bruce was an encore of the pair sharing a stage in nearby Ann Arbor during the original River tour in October of 1980.  During the concert, Springsteen mentioned that Michigan's governor is considering legislation that would impose bathroom restrictions of transgenders. Bruce's comment, 'We hope the bill doesn't pass, because we love playing in Michigan' brought a roar from the crowd that the band's rendition of Born In The USA swelled out of.