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Steve Miller was amicable during his on-stage induction acceptance at the Rock Hall Of Fame insduction Friday (4/8), but he let it all hang out during at the backstage presser, saying the Rock Hall of Fame lacks respect for the artists it supposedly honors.  After remarking on stage that more women deserve to be inducted, Miller let loose behind the scenes with a broader criticism of institution for its induction process as well as its attitude toward the musicians it does honor.  After Miller said that the Hall refused to provide him with more than one additional comp ticket for the ceremony at the Barclay Center unless he paid $10,000, a representative attempted to cut the session off, prompting Miller to snap back, 'We're not going to wrap this one up'.  But he did just that after a parting jab at the RHOF, saying, 'This is how close this show came to not happening, because of the way the artists are being treated right now'.