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Rock Hall remains off the mark on latest nominees

The annual list of nominees to the Rock Hall Of Fame shows that the insttitution itself, or at least the people charged with deciding who deserves to be on the ballot, are clueless.  The prospects for this year again includes acts that should already have been enshrined and ones that don't deserve to be up for consideration at all.  In the overdue or highly desrerving ranks are, Yes, Deep Purple, the Steve Miller Band, Cheap Trick, Chicago and The Cars.  The worth considering category includes Los Lobos, Nine Inch Nails and The Smiths. Janet Jackson leads the pack in ones not worthy of consideration, a batch that also includes Chaka Khan, James Brown's backup band, Chic, N.W.A and the Spinners.  It's the ROCK Hall Of Fame, not Pop, not R&B, not Rap... but every year highly deserving Rock artists get left off the ballot to make room for acts that should never get in.  Is it because people involved in the nomination process have to stroke the egos of acts they owe favors to, or are they really that clueless?  We don't know. What we do know is that the credibility of the Museum takes a hit every time someone like Janet Jackson is deemed deserving of consideration at the expense of a genuinely great Rock artist or band.