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Sammy Hagar shares more than recipes in his upcoming cookbook, Are We Having Any Fun Yet? The Cooking and Partying Handbook.  The Montrose, Van Halen and Chickenfoot veteran packs the book with plenty of his kitchen specialties, but he gives also dishes out a number of tips for making the before, during and after portions of meals and life in general more enjoyable. Hagar, the life of any party, loves hosting them and threw a lot of legendary bashes at the Cabo Wabo Cantina, the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico eatery and watering hole he originally partnered with other Van Halen members in but took over ownership of in exchange for his share of the Van Halen trademark when he left the band.  The food and philosophy of the Red Rocker revolve around the notion that simple pleasures can be just as enjoyable as more extravagant ones.  Dishes don't have to be filled with expensive or hard to find ingredients any more than you need a lavish home with a private water park to enjoy life.  Talking with Rolling Stone about the book, Hagar said, '...if you don't have a swimming pool or a beach in front of your house, turn on the damn sprinkler and fire up the grill. A billionaire doesn't have a better time doing that than a guy broke off his ass.'