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With ian Anderson's decision to carry on the Jethro Tull saga without the help of the musicians that made the group one of the most compelling live bands going, Martin Barre has turned his attention to exploring some of the JT material differently. The guitarist's last solo album consisted largely of Tull songs Barre liked that Anderson wasn't insterest in doing live anymore. His next, Barre's 6th solo release, will include new versions of the Jethro Tull songs Skating Away and Slow Marching Band. Back To Steel also features a version of the Beatles Eleanor Rigby.  Speaking with Classic Rock Magazine,Barre calld this release his '...most important work in my career' and work he wants ' be the basis of everything I do from now on - my criteria were that it would work live in a powerful way and keep our identity as a blues-rock band' Look for the 15 song album on September 18.