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Warren Buffet would probably be the preferred commencement speaker if you asked parents sending children to the University of Miami whether they'd want Warren Buffett or Jimmy Buffett to do the life-coaching address at their son or daughter's college graduation.  Warren is some rungs above Jimmy on the net worth ladder, but the musical Buffett's buisness smarts have earned him a level of wealth even a lot of artists that sell more records than he does will never come close to achieving.  His Margaritaville empire includes hotels, resorts and casinos, a vast array of foods and beverages and an assortment of branded merchandise that bring in boucoup bucks.  And both the Berkshire Hathaway head honcho and Jimmy Buffett have managed to stay down-to-earth.  Warren still lives in the Omaha house be bought for $31,000.  Jimmy Buffett has nicer digs but likes to hang out in low-key places with regular folks and supports a number of good causes.  The world would be a better place if a lot more of the ridiculously rich thought and acted like these two guys, so we'd enjoy listening to either of them - provided Warren didn't try to sing!