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Bon Jovi gets reality slot

TWC Dimension has inked a deal with Jon Bon Jovi for a new reality series called If I Wasn't a Rock Star.  The concept is simple - get big name Rockers to return to the city or town they grew-up in to stroll it's streets, visit sites important to them as a kid and speculate about what they might be doing today if they'd hung around.  Jon tells Variety he loves the idea of the series because ' will be a celebration of the working men and women of this country. They are the real rock stars.'  No date for the series to begin its run has been set. We presume episode one will feature the producer returning to Perth Amboy, New Jersey to speculate on what might have become of John Francis Bongiovani if he'd spent more time going to class and doing homework instead of hanging around clubs and his cousin's New York City recording studio.