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The Rolling Stones tradition of clever tour announcements was about to add another a couple of weeks ago.  Billboards touting 'Satisfaction Thursday' popped-up in the metro areas of many markets that were going to land dates on the North American tour.  Thursday came and went with no announcment.  There were reports that a ticketing issue had thwarted the planned tour unveiling.  Confirmation of the tou finally did go public Tuesday (3/31).  While only 15 citiies are on the itinerary, there's ample room between several of the bookings for the group to add an additional date should demand warrant it.  Interestingly, the tour is heavy with mid-size market dates and only one stop north of the border. No LA, New York, Chicago, Montreal or Tornoto dates.


Rolling Stones - Zip Code Tour

5/24 - San Diego

5/30 - Columbus

6/03 - Minneapolis

6/06 - Dallas

6/09 - Atlanta

6/12 - Orlando

6/17 - Nashville

6/20 - Pittsburgh

6/23 - Milwaukee

6-27 - Kansas City

7/01 - Raleigh

7/04 - Indianapolis

7/08 - Detroit

7/11 - Buffalo

7/15 - Quebec