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As one of the most opinionated people in Rock, we knew it was only a matter of time before Sammy Hagar offered up his take on the Van Halen Tokyo Dome live release that features David Lee Roth in the role Sammy later took over.  Talking with the Las Vegas Review-Journal's Doug Elfman, the Red Rocker let it be known that he thinks the '...pretty rough vocals' Roth delivered during the June 2013 concert in Japan were so bad that the release will damage the reputation of the band.  The best measure of how little Hagar found to like about the release is summed up by his evaluation of the decision to put the album out: 'What the f*%k are these guys thinking?'  While we agree there are songs Roth falls so short on they would be better left off the release (Panama, for example), David Lee retains enough of his range and swagger to give the album enough tunes to make it worth hearing and having, and Eddie & Alex are just incredible throughout.