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The Music Icons auction being conducted at the Hard Rock Café in New York City's Times Square will include perhaps the most valuable 'loaner' guitar in history.  It is a 1963 Mastersound electric that George Harrison had on loan while Barratt's Music Store in Manchester was doing some repair work on his Country Gent guitar.  Harrison's own guitar was returned the very same day he'd dropped it off, but George held on to the loaner for nearly a month, playing it during that span of time at several club concerts and sporting it when a publicity photo was taken at the Cavern Club on August 3rd.  A 1962 Gibson Les Paul SG that belonged to Eric Clapton is also included in the auction, as are a ring Jimi Hendrix wore and a bath robe that John Lennon owned.  The auction takes place May 15 & 16.