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Ten weeks after being stricken by a heart attack, Sam Andrew died in his wife's arms on Thursday (2/12).  Andrew was the co-founding guitarist of Big Brother & The Holding Company in 1965.  The following year, the primarily instrumental group's manager recruited Janis Joplin to become the band's lead singer, persuading the dynamic, young Texan to choose the San Francisco band over one from her home state, Austin's 13th Floor Elevator, that also sought her as their lead vocalist. Andrew wrote several songs on the Holding Company's 1967 self-titled debut album and Cheap Thrills, the release of the following year that established Joplin as one of the greatest lead singers for all time.  She kept Andrew with her when she split with Big Brother and formed the Kozmic Blues Band later that same year.  Andrew returned to Big Brother in 72 and was also active with them during a late 1980's reunion.