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Sting visited the White House Sunday (12/7) before attending the ceremony honoring him, Al Green, Tom Hanks, Lilly Tomlin and Patricia McBride.  The honorees attended a State Department dinner Saturday night, highlighted by Bruce Springsteen singing a song and speaking of his admiration for the former Police front man, saying, 'Sting makes me feel like a Neanderthal.  When we get together, we always have the same argument.  He insists there are more than three chords. While I insist there are not', adding, 'In an age of musical homogenization, no one has ever sounded or sang like my friend.' The line of the night went to host Steven Colbert, who quipped, 'Tonight, Washington puts the arts above politics, because no matter what party you belong to, everybody wants a selfie with Tom Hanks'.  CBS will broadcast highlights of the ceremony on December 30.