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Using Ride Out as the title to his next album serves as a pretty clear indication that it will be Bob Seger's final studio effort.  The long anticipated album finally drops October 14.  The long delay had us expecting the songs on it would be originals.  Most are, but nearly half the songs on it are covers - and there are only 10 titles on the standard CD.  An expanded edition offers 3 more songs.  Seger released his cover of John Hiatt's Detroit Made several days ago.  The other cover songs he includes on the release are Woody Guthrie's California Stars, The Devil's Right Hand from the Steve Earle catalog and a song titled Adam and Eve by Australians Shane Nicholson and Kasey Chambers.  Accompanying Seger on the release are Rob McNelley on guitar, Jim Brown on keyboards and guitar, Glenn Worf on bass, Chad Cromwell plays drums and Shaun Murphy,Barb Payon and Laura Creamer contribute background vocals.