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Neil Young - Fork In The Road






Neil Young
- Fork In The Road

There is plenty of bitching and moaning about this release.  Most of the negative reviews come up with some predictable word play based on the title to skewer Neil for "taking a wrong turn" "losing his way"...  Anyone who has followed Young's solo career has seen and heard similar criticism over and over again.
One thing's for sure: none of it matters to Young any more now than it did when he was 'too electric' in 1969 for some critics and fans, became 'too techno' in 1983 on Trans, or got 'too political' on Living With War.  He has the freedom and inclination to make whatever music he feels the desire or need to make at any given time - and does it with little or no regard for the consequences, even if it makes him a "big rock star" whose "sales have tanked", as he sings on the title song.  He's brazen, rough edged, humorous, outraged, self-effacing and a lot more on this album.  In cliche terminology, this album takes us down a rough road with dangerous curves, washouts, steep declines and every other metaphor for our times.  Looking to hitch a ride to Sugar Mountain? This fork don't go there.  But if you're ready for a raucous ride toward an uncertain future, climb in.