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Guns N’ Roses burst on the scene with release Appetite For Destruction on this day in 1987. After a slow start, increased airplay propelled sales that made it the top selling debut album in Billboard chart history and well over 30 million copies have sold worldwide.


Other Noteworthy Classic Rock events on July 21 include...


1943 Wings and Spooky Tooth member Henry McCullough born.

1955 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Howie Epstein born. 

1969 The Beatles record Come Togethr. 

1972 Rod Stewart releases Never A Dull Moment. 

1980 John Mellencamp releases Nothin' Matters And What If It Did?  

1980 Grateful Dead's Keith Godchaux injured in car wreck, dies two days later.   

1981 Bryan Adams releases You Want it, You Got It.  

1982 Queen opens North American Hot Space tour.

1986 Neil Young releases Landing on Water.

1990 Roger Waters performs The Wall in shadow of Berlin Wall site for a crowd estimated at 350,000.   Bryan Adams, Van Morrison, Scorpions, Joni Mitchell also play.

1996 Dennis DeYoung of Styx served soda spiked with bleach and is hospitalized in New York City.

1998 Stevie Nicks gets a restraining order issued against a Colorado man who thinks she can cure his mental illness. 

2003 Iron Miaden, Dio and Motorhead open a tour in Worcester, MA.

2005 Long John Baldry dies of a lung infection at 64.

2009 John Marmaduke Dawson of New Riders Of The Purple Sage dies of stomach cancer in Mexico. 

2010 Elton John postpones Tucson concert 24 hours due to food poisoning...