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You might figure that a musician born Lars Johan Yngve Lannerback would adopt an easier to remember and pronounce stage name. The guitar great born on this day in 1963 did... sort of. He made one of his middle names his first name and changed the spelling of it to make it even less phonetic to non-Swedish ears and then swapped his easy to pronounce last name for his mother's maiden name and added an 'e' to make it easier to pronounce. Fact is, a guitarist as good as he is was destined to become well known no matter what his name.


Other Noteworthy Classic Rock events on June 30 include...


1949 Sweet's Andy Scott born.


1957 Iron Maiden's Doug Sampson born.


1967 Mick Jagger and Keith Richards released from jail after arrest at Keith's party on drug charges.


1968 Pantera's Phil Anselmo born.


1971 Fillmore West closes in San Francisco.


1975 Gregg Allman and Cher marry (over in 10 days).


1971 Stephen Stills 2 released.


1977 Kiss releases Love Gun.


1980 Queen releases The Game.


1986 Steve Winwood releases Back in the High Life.


1994 Members of Pearl Jam testify against Ticketmaster pricing before Congress.


1997 Aerosmith opens Nine Lives tour in Orchard Beach, Maine.


1999 Eric Clapton joined by Bob Dylan and Sheryl Crow at Madison Square Garden benefit concert for his Crossroads rehab center.


2000 Nine fans die at Roskilde Festival in Germany during Pearl Jam set.


2001 Al Jardine sues Beach Boys over his ouster from the band.


2004 Dave Davies partially paralyzed by a stroke.


2006 Cirque du Soleil Beatles show Love opens in Las Vegas.


2009 Levon Helm releases Electric Dirt.


2009Joey Kramer publishes his autobiography.


2009 U2 opens 360 tour in Barcelona.


2014 Pete Townnshend and Roger Daltrey announce Who 50th Anniversary Tour and play acoustic at Ronnie Scott's Club in London...