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Noteworthy Then

4/2/1942 & 1952 Leon Russell and Leon Wilkeson born


A couple of Classic Rock Leons were born on April 2. On this day in 1942, Claude Russell Bridges, who changed his name to Leon Russell, and Lynyrd Skynyrd bassist Leon Wilkeson, whose middle name was Russell. Sadly, neither is around for their birthdays. Wilkerson passed away in 2001 and we lost Leon Russell in 2016.


Other Noteworthy Classic Rock events on April 2 include...


1949 Cars drummer David Robinson is born.

1967 Steve Winwood leaves the Spencer Davis Group to form Traffic.

1967 A smoke bomb tossed on stage during a Rolling Stones concert in Austria triggers a riot. More than 150 fans are arrested.

1971 Rod Stewart starts recording songs for his third album. Although it was a solo album, all of the members of the Faces played on Every Picture Tells A Story. The familiarity of working together made the sessions go so well that the album was completed and released within 8 weeks.

1975 Bad Company releases Straight Shooter.

1987 U2 opens the US leg of The Joshua Tree tour.

1990 Eric Clapton loses his license for three months after getting ticketed for going 105mph in his Ferrari.

1991 Rolling Stones release Flashpoint.

2006 Canadian Music Hall Of Fame inducts Bryan Adams.

2011 Bruce Springsteen makes an unscheduled appearance with Southside Johnny and original E Street Band drummer Vinny Lopez at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park.

2011 Elton John hosts and performs with Leon Russell on Saturday Night Live.

2013 Bon Jovi does its first concert without Richie Sambora...