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John Lennon is one of the musicians lost too young that we most miss having had the opportunity to see what they would have done had they lived longer.  In his 40 years on earth he did so much more than almost all of his contemporaries that have lived longer have done.  The musician, poet, author, artist, activist was born on this day in 1940 in Liverpool.


Other Noteworthy Classic Rock events on October 9th include...

1944 Who’s John Entwistle born.

1948 Jackson Browne born.

1952 Sharon Osbourne born.

1975 Sean Lennon born.

1976 Scorpions release Virgin Killer.

1978 David Bowie releases Stage.

1978 Jethro Tull does satellite concert cast to 400 million.

1980 Yoko Ono hires sky writing plane for Happy Birthday message over Manhattan on John Lennon’s birthday. 1987 Steve Winwood releases Chronicles..

1990 Styx releases Edge Of The Century.

2009 Bruce Springsteen does final Giants Stadium concert before demolition.

2010 Ozzy Osbourne releases cover of John Lennon song How? on 70th anniversary of John’s birth.

2014 Rock Hall Of Fame announces Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sting, Lou Reed, Paul Butterfield and Green Day are nominees.

2016 Roger Waters blasts Donald Trump during Desert Trip Festival set in Indio, CA...