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Noteworthy Then

1951 Dan Fogelberg born. 

1965 Beatles release Help! in US.   

1965 Jefferson Airplane debuts at Matrix in San Francisco.     

1971 King Curtis stabbed to death in New York City.   

1973 Lynyrd Skynyrd releases Pronounced leh-nerd 'skin-nerd. 

1975 Bruce Springsteen opens 5 night stand at Bottom Line in New York City.     

1976 Clash debut in London.   

1977 BTO breaks-up.     

1978 Be Bop Deluxe breaks-up.     

1980 Todd Rundgren robbed in his home. 1989 Ozzy Osbourne & Scorpions play for 100,000 in Moscow.     

1990 Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt & Sting buy land at Walden Pond for preservation.   

1999 Woodstock '99 opens at former airbase in Rome, NY.

2007 Ozzy Osbourne does set in Times Square to promote Madden NFL 2008 video game with his music in it.

2009 Les Paul dies at 94 of pneumonia at his White Plains, NY home.

2011 Billy Joel and Jon Bon Jovi sing at 60th birthday party for Jimmy Buffett's wife, Jane...