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Joe Walsh guests with Steven Colbert's house band (8-2-2017)

Joe Walsh dropped in on The Late Show on 8/2/2017 and did Life's Been Good with Steven Colbert's house band Jon Batistee & Stay Human.  During his conversation with Colbert, Joe also recalled a dining fiasco he and John Belushi were responsibe for back during his pre-sobriety irresponsible days.




Glenn Frey's son takes the lead on Take It Easy (7-15-2017)

Deacon Frey leads the Eagles on Take It Easy during the Dodger Stadium Classic West concert.


Seger posts song to Glenn Frey on 1st anniversary of his death

We think Glenn might have preferred a kick-ass Rock & Roll send-up, but his friend and fellow Detroit musician opted to go low-key and heartfelt.