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Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan covers Learning To Fly on Tom Petty's birthday (10-20-2017)
p> Bob Dylan, who regularly rearranges his own songs in concert to the point they are hard to recognize, did a true to the original version of Tom Petty's Learning To Fly during his Denver concert over the weekend.



Dylan and Stones open Desert Trip concerts (10-7-2016)
p> Mick Jagger feeds off the energy of audiences, but the burden of generating it  Friday (10/7) was almost entirely on him due to a relatively lethargic audience comprised of some enthusiastic fans but also loaded with a lot of sluggish, smug types attending for the bragging rights of having been there.  Dylan, who has a tremendous catalog to draw on, opted to do a set that drew 7 of it's 16 songs from just one album, Time Out Of Mind.  The Stones did a 20 song set that featured a version of the Beatles Abbey Road lead track Come Together.





Dylan does Free Bird during Berkeley concert (6-9-2016)

Just when you thought nothing he could do would surprise you anymore, Bob Dylan breaks out a version of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird. It happened after a fan jokingly yelled it out during his Thursday (6/9) concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California. We're looking for a clip that includes Bob's vocal. In the meantime, here's the roaring wrap-up the epic song got from his great band.