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Andrew Loog Oldham has issues with the Rock Hall of Fame.  The man who guided the Rolling Stones during their emergence in the early 60's notified induction organizers that he did not plan to attend without elaborating on why. Asked by the Los Angeles Times, Oldham replied that the decision to skip his own induction was one made on equal measures of disappointment about the overall direction of the Hall and the handling of his induction.  A representative of the Hall notified Oldham that he and Beatles manager Brian Epstein would be inducted simultaneously by Peter Asher.  Without disparaging Asher, Oldham  commented that he found it inappropriate the Hall would deny him the opportunity to engage in what he called the '...spirit of discussion as to securing an appropriate, connected party to handle such a personal moment', he says other inductees get to participate in.  As for his opinion of the institution's overall direction, Oldham wrote, '...I do understand that the Hall has to dance to a new beat o survive but it's hardly rock 'n roll.'