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A Marin County house overlooking Stinson Beach in California that Jerry Garcia bought for $60,000 in 1971 is on the market for $3.9 million.  The Grateful Dead guitarist resided there seven years with wife Carolyn, known as Mountain Girl, before the couple split, with Garcia moving out and his wife and kids relocating to Oregon, where she still resides. The house was sold about a year and a half after the separation to another musician, Corey Lerios of the band Pablo Cruise (Love Will Find A Way, Place In The Sun). No sooner had the paperwork been completed than Jerry showed up looking to move back in.  Carolyn told the Marin Independent Journal,   "I probably could have called Corey and said, 'Hey, man, you know...' and called off the sale, and I probably should have. Instead I honored the deal."  Lerios owned the house right up until 2003, when he sold it for $2 million.

The 2,700 foot house has sweeping views of the Pacific and is flanked by a nature preserve.  It has a recording studio in a separate guest house Garcia's wife says they seldom ever used because it was inconvenient for other band members to get to and the salt air caused problems with the wiring and the equipment.
The couple finally divorced in 1994, the year before Garcia died.  His former wife still laments the sale, saying, 'I've been kicking myself for 30 years over selling that house. We Should never have done it.'  photo: Sothebys