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While being interviewed by an Australian radio station last week, pop singer Katy Perry told the host that Mick Jagger hit on her during a dinner date after she had recorded backing vocals for a song on his 2004 solo album.  Asked how the then 18 year old Perry handled the situation, she replied she had a friend with her who left the restaurant with Mick so she didn't have to.  Jagger issued a statement Thursday (10/21) categorically denying the claim and adding, 'Perhaps she is confusing me with somone else.'  Maybe... very attractive young women get approached by older men all the time, but it seems far-fetched to suggest she would have mixed-up the lead singer for one of the biggest bands in history with some other older guy. Oh, the title of the solo album; Old Habits Die Hard.  Perry did follow her account by adding, 'That was a long time ago, and he's been very kind' (since).  We'll see how true that remains.