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While sorting through pictures he took during the Beatles first States-side tour for a book he's working on, Ringo Starr came across one that caught his eye and got him thinking it would be fun to try and find and meet the people in it. The drummer thought the photo was snapped while the group was in Miami Beach - unlikely given the warm clothes the fans are wearing, despite the fact south Florida can get a bit chilly in mid February.  Posting the photo solved the mystery.  It turns out the carload of fans was from New Jersey and had skipped school to be on-hand when the Beatles landed at JFK.  They missed the chance to see them on the runway, but the band limo happened to pull up alongside their car in traffic on the drive back toward Jersey. With the help of NBC's Today Show, the quintet of Fab Four fans recreated the scene Ringo snapped from the back of the limo on that afternoon.  McCartney says he looks forward to meeting them when he returns to the States after his South American tour wraps-up.